The Ride… The Challenge

The Mohawk Challenge is designed to be the ultimate one-day adventure ride. We have selected the best and most picturesque roads in the area and linked them together to maximize the enjoyment of the ride. The major road crossings are all at lighted intersections of safety reasons.


The gravel and pavement route is 220 kilometres and takes about 4.5 hours riding time. It can be followed by either your own GPS, use the Rally raid style road book or you can ride in a group with a leader.


In order to receive the GPS route ahead of the rally, simply email our track master Eric Roehl at ktmer <at> Eric will also be available to download the route onto your GPS onsite on Friday evening in the registration area. Due to the volume of riders, you MUST do this prior to the Saturday ride.


The paved-only route is slightly shorter and is also guided by GPS or by group leaders; you can join a group in the start area. There is no designated start time for the ride; you can leave anytime after the Riders Meeting, which is at 8:15 on Saturday morning.


When you register you will be given a scorecard. On the card there are 20 questions plus a GS Challenge score. The intent of the 20 questions is to act as a tiebreaker and encourage interacting with the numerous people and sponsors who are at the Overland Adventure Rally. The questions are selected so they cannot be answered by a simple Google search.


The GS Challenge is a skills competition presented by S.M.A.R.T. Training Programs, Dual Sport Plus and Clinton Smout. Examples of the skills will be balancing on a trials bike, riding over a log, swat the ballon, water carrying contest, etc.

Once you arrive back at the finish line, turn in your card to the registration crew. They will input your score, return your scorecard and give you a finishers sticker.


Thank you for participating in the Overland Adventure Rally. We hope you have a great experience.