Mission Statement

Overland Adventure Rally Mission Statement:

Our goal is to organize the best Adventure Rider event in Canada.


Why do I organize and promote the Overland Adventure Rally?


As a life-long motorcyclist I have a deep-rooted passion for adventure, the outdoors and motorcycling, especially off-road riding. I believe there is nothing better than sharing a great adventure experience with my friends and family.


In my mind, the social side of motorcycling is the most important aspect of the sport. The Overland Adventure Rally is designed to appeal to the greatest number of riders and their families, it is a safe, fun, pressure-free social event where like-minded people can gather, feel welcomed and share their passion.


Personally, I like the way adventure bikes look, what they can do and where they can take you. The accessories, the equipment and the riding gear all add enjoyment to owning and riding adventure bikes. I like the way riders look when they are riding… they look prepared- ready to take on the World. The bikes look ready too, with rugged, angular lines, deep-lugged tires, business-like shapes and upright riding position; adventure bikes set your mind reeling with the possibilities of where they can take you. The entire adventure riding lifestyle encourages you to dream about exotic, far away places where adventure bikes beg to be ridden.


To me adventure means uncertainty, it means affronting the elements, surviving adversity, and returning to tell the tale. Surviving adventure equals self-confidence, the adage ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ applies. To complete the Overland Adventure Rally means you have lived adventure, albeit, a small, ‘soft’ adventure, enjoyed the fellowship of others and shared the experience.


A secondary goal of the Overland Adventure Rally is to demonstrate that, in this day and age, a properly run and organized motorcycle event can be integrated into a community, be welcomed by the host site on a sustainable basis and provide the supporters of the event a viable reason to invest in it.


What is of paramount importance to me is that every participant of the Overland Adventure Rally leaves with a positive experience.


On a personal level the Overland Adventure Rally is a means for me to give back to the sport that has allowed me to lead an interesting and exciting life. In short, the Overland Adventure Rally, is pay back to a sport that has enhanced my life in a positive way…




Lawrence Hacking