Overland Adventure Training

The Overland Adventure Rally riding training program for 2017 will be a one-off specialized rider improvement developed by renowned motorcycle training guru Clinton Smout of SMART Adventures and vastly experienced motorcycle racer and adventure rider Lawrence Hacking. Between the pair they have more 100 years of riding experience and they recently developed an advanced two-day rider training curriculum that combines classroom theory sessions and practical skills training on both trials bikes and smaller dirt bikes as well as your own adventure bike. 


The two days will cover many different aspects of motorcycle riding with an emphasis on safety, obstacle passage and analytics or ‘thinking’ your way to improving. Participating in this course will allow you to tap into decades of experience in the most wide range of conditions imaginable from the deserts of Africa, Mexico, Mongolia or the forest trials of Canada, US, Japan and Australia.


Subjects covered will include, options to control your bike or make it do what you want it to do. The course will focus on the use of anticipation and visualization in order to build valuable experience that is essential to improve and develop the correct mindset to ride safely. Our goal is to provide teach participant how to derive more enjoyment from your experience. Body weight placement and control manipulation will be the two crucial points of discussion during the two-day course. The use of specific training exercises to improve rider skills in these areas is the key to the course.


The course will take place on Thursday, July 6th and Friday, July 7th at the site of the Overland Adventure Rally, the Mohawk Inn, Campbellville, Ontario.


The course starts at 8:30 am Thursday, refreshments and lunches will be provided. Trials bikes and small dirt bikes are also provided, you should bring your own bike as well. You will need off road riding gear. We will take breaks often and participants should come prepared for an intensive two days of riding and frank discussion about riding motorcycles.


Each day ends at 4 pm and an hour lunch break each day. Cost is $450.00 plus HST per person for two days with bikes provided. The single day price is $265.00 plus HST. The classes are small, (maximum of 12 participants per day), you will receive personal attention from both instructors.


Location: Mohawk Inn, Campbellville Ontario


Thursday, July 6th and Friday, July 7th, Time: 8:30 am to 5:00pm


The course is supported by Honda Canada and BMW Canada.

Get ready to ride!

Register Here School Tickets go on for sale April 31st.