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What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are intimate toys consisting of multiple connected spheres. These toys are crafted to enhance sexual pleasure by stimulating the highly sensitive nerve endings located within the anal canal. Here’s a closer look at their design and purpose:

  • Stimulating Spheres: A strand of beads, ranging in number, linked together for the purpose of anal stimulation.
  • Enhancing Sensations: Designed to be inserted gradually and removed at varying speeds, they work in tandem with the body’s rhythmic contractions, intensifying pleasure.
  • Inclusive Variety: Available in various sizes, these beads cater to a broad spectrum of users—from those exploring anal play for the first time to seasoned enthusiasts.

Their versatility and ability to cater to different preferences make anal beads a popular choice among a wide range of individuals looking to explore new facets of their sexuality.

About the Design

Anal beads come in various structures and materials, each selected …

What Being a Pub Crawler Taught Me in Life That I Never Learned in College

Contrary to what you might think based on the name, there’s rarely any crawling involved in pub crawling. Well, if you do it right, that is. 


Doing a pub crawl from time to time (say, during St. Patrick’s Day or as a part of a walking tour when you’re visiting some fancy tourist spot) is a great way to break the monotony and try out something new and fun. But being a pub crawler takes a bit more than going on a daring adventure once and living to tell the tale for years on end.


I learned plenty of pub crawler life lessons back when I practically held a full-time job as an expert bar hopper. If you’re wondering why being a pub crawler is fun, then let me break it down for you. When done right, it’s a fantastic opportunity to have a great time, meet new

For you ass only, best sex toys for your anal play

Whether you’re a backdoor virgin or a full-on anal pro, anal sex toys will keep your ass busy and give you tons of orgasmic experiences. But which ones should you use for anal play, and what kinds of sensations can they provide? Check out some of the best sex toys for your anal play adventures!

Butt plugs

Butt plugs are the quintessential anal sex toy. They are incredibly easy to use, and everyone with an asshole can enjoy them! Butt plugs are very similar to dildos but are much smaller. What sets them apart from other sex toys is their cone-like shape. A regular butt plug has a narrow tip. The size gets wider as the toy extends to its flared base. Plus, the flared base is essential because it acts as a stopper.

What’s more, the flared base is the best feature of a buttplug. It allows the toy

Penis Pumps: Man’s Best Friend

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem, and it ails many people around the world. But having ED is not the end of the world; there are so many different things you can try to improve your situation. Here, we will go through the most common aids for this problem that can even enhance your sex life.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a problem that manifests itself through a male’s inability to maintain an erection during intercourse. ED is quite common in men, and the majority experience it while under stress.

There are two primary causes of ED: physical and psychological. The former represents the majority of cases (around 80%), and diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, drugs, or even neurological problems can cause it.

The latter or psychological is where impotence happens due to negative emotions and thoughts. Treatment of ED caused by psychological problems is easier, and it is quite …

How to Organize the Ultimate Bar Crawl

Nothing brings friends, coworkers and strangers together better than a good old fashioned bar crawl. But behind every good bar crawl is an ambitious bar crawl planner slaving away at the logistics. If you’re the one stepping up to organize a night out on the town, you need to make sure your bar crawl is legendary for all the right reasons. You don’t want your guests to remember the event as a disorganized evening spent trying to get into crowded bars and getting lost; you want them to barely remember it because they were having too epic of a time. So before you send out those invites for the party of the century, check out these pro tips for making sure your bar crawl is a success.

Be Smart About Planning Your Route

While this may seem like an obvious one, too many bar crawls fall apart due to a …

10 Things To Know About Pub Crawl In Europe

At its essence, a pub crawl, or bar crawl as some call it, is when you visit a number of pubs and have at least one drink in each. There is rarely any actual crawling, unless you drink so much that you eventually can no longer remain upright on two feet.

As a pub crawler, you are usually one of a group and the best part is the opportunity to meet and have a fun night out with other fellow crawlers and local guides – it’s not just about free shots, cheap drinks, and great bars. Whether you’re on a low-key, small bar crawl event or the biggest pub crawl in the world, there are some common rules and dos & don’ts to be aware of. If you’re about to pop your pub crawl cherry, here’s some helpful tips & advice to make sure you have a blast when pub …

The 30 Types of People You’ll Meet On Every Pub Crawl

Doing a pub crawl is the perfect way to explore local nightlife, have fun, save a small fortune, and meet new people when you’re travelling. Your new drinking-buddies are made up of some wonderful, and often wonderfully weird, people. It’s the beauty of travelling – the mixture of characters and personalities you’ll encounter that will add colour to your experience, memories, and stories.

Here’s 30 ‘types’ of people you’re almost certain to meet on a pub crawl. Which are you?

The couple

All coupley and loved-up, these two are kind of cute, kind of annoying, in equal measure. They take every one of their free shots together, eyes locked and arms intertwined like it’s their wedding day, and will have all us lonely hearts in envious awe, before, most likely, having a massive ‘domestic’ in front of us all by the fourth pub, and making up, with gin-soaked passion, in …