Our Team

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Meet the team behind overlandadventurerally.com who have spent most of their nights in a pub!

Joey Hung
The Mastermind

He is the person behind this website. After joining every pub crawl group almost every night, he decided to put up his own business where he takes groups of people to go pub crawling. It’s the easiest way for him to do what he loves while earning money.

Kimberly Wright
The Drink Stealer

Watch out for Kim’s techniques to not spend any single penny during your girls’ night out! It’s 100% guaranteed.

Paulo Makers
Pub Crawl Scientist

If you ever come across a drink that you have never heard before, trust us when we say that Paulo invented that shebang! He is our resident mixologist and he shares his recipes on this website!

Kevin Jones
The Walking Meme

If you want to be the center of every pub crawl event where people will love you, then make sure to read Kevin’s proven pickup lines and jokes! Let’s see how that changes your life!